Advance America in Placerville, CA: Find Stores

Advance America in Placerville, CA: Find Stores

Advance America in Placerville, CA: Find Stores
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Last Updated 25.06.2022

The popularity of payday loans grows every year. According to official statistics, more than 20% of US citizens prefer such a service while facing temporary financial hurdles. What are the key reasons for this fast-growing popularity?

Payday loans are a perfect way to get money for emergency cases. For instance, a person needs a certain sum to cover medical bills, vehicle repair, etc. While talking about personal loans or other types of such a service, they require stricter conditions. One more critical difference lies in the necessity to have a good credit score – applicants cannot receive money without a good score if we talk about the vast majority of loan services. Advance America payday loan company in Placerville, CA requires no credit score; this is why a service is entirely suitable for people with bad history.

As such, the rising popularity of loans is primarily based upon the highest convenience of the service. Borrowers need minimum documentation, and the number of requirements is less strict as well. According to statistics, 87.4% of applicants get approval from lending companies.

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What Is Advance America and Is It Legit in Placerville, CA?

Advance America in Placerville, CA, is among the most popular and widespread lenders. What are the main features of the company to attract the borrowers’ attention? Applicants themselves point out the following benefits:

  1. The company is a licensed lender that offers services in complete correspondence with the existing norms and standards. This said, Advance America in Placerville, California, is legitimate, and borrowers’ rights are protected.
  2. Such a lender has a diverse network of corporate offices throughout the USA; hence, applicants may receive loans either in stores or online. Both ways are convenient and beneficial enough. A set of locations makes it possible to choose the best state to obtain loans (note that in diverse states, conditions may differ essentially).
  3. Advance America payday loan in Placerville, CA is undoubtedly a convenient service; meanwhile, applicants get the right to receive other loan types – this company is ready to offer installment loans and title loans. These services are a perfect way to receive money without a credit check.
  4. Advance America payday loans in Placerville, CA are suggested with convenient and clear conditions – no hidden fees and additional conditions are attached. When you get approval, the repayment requirements and terms are entirely transparent – borrowers understand the whole amount they need to pay off.

The herein mentioned advantages are just key pros of the company; therefore, its audience continues to grow rapidly.

What Are the Rates & Terms of Advance America in Placerville, CA?

When an applicant needs money to receive, the payment amount and terms are among the most important issues. This is why you need to dive into these conditions at first. Fortunately, Advance America fees are transparent, and every borrower may inscribe the required sum and necessary terms into the inbuilt calculator placed on the company website to calculate the exact repayment amount.

According to statistics, the APR of payday loans may reach 521%, depending on a particular state. Some locations regulate such services, having strict limits on rates. As for Advance America payday loans in Placerville, CA, the rates are based on two key factors: required amount and terms. The maximum amount of a payday loan is usually $2000. While talking about terms, the service is available from several weeks to 2-6 months.

What are the repayment conditions? Why is Advance America near me in Placerville, CA the best solution for borrowers? The majority of people understand the service as a convenient opportunity to cover emergency bills. This is why borrowers pay off such loans from their incomes (regular payment from salary or pension).

What Do You Need to Know Before Applying to Advance America in Placerville, CA?

When a person is ready to get the required sum of money, dip into the requirements first to be sure, you correspond with basic rules and standards. Note that requirements are not indicated by a certain company. That means Advance America in Placerville, California, and other lending companies have the same regulations worked out by the US government. The list of requirements includes the following aspects:

  1. Payday loans are available for US residents only. Such a measure is connected with the inconvenience of legal complaints between lender companies and citizens of other countries. Meanwhile, exceptions always exist – ask for special conditions in customer service by phone or prefer different ways.
  2. Applicants cannot be younger than 18. Loans are not available for people under 18, according to the US government (no exceptions are attached).
  3. Borrowers need to have some source of income to get a loan from Advance America in Placerville. Aside from regular employment income, such lenders accept unemployment, disability, and other pensions.

While talking about documents, the following ones are mandatory:

  • ID card;
  • income verification;
  • active credit check;
  • active phone number and email.

Note that you may ask for money even without a credit check. Advance America in Placerville, CA, offers title loans for such borrowers.

How to Apply With Advance America in Placerville, CA?

You understand that all the given requirements are easy enough, and you have already collected the necessary documents. What is the next step? Learn how to apply for a loan and get your application online approved. People who don’t need money right now should understand this algorithm as well because you may face hurdles unexpectedly. Follow the next steps:

  1. Count what the exact sum you need to cover all the expenses is. Remember, the more you receive, the more you need to pay off.
  2. Visit the company’s official website to get Advance America payday loans in Placerville, CA, and fill in the application form. Indicate all the necessary information, including a loan amount, your documents, and other requirements.
  3. Wait until managers approve your application and sign an agreement with a company.

Such an algorithm is the easiest and most straightforward way to receive a loan; meanwhile, users are available to visit the company’s office as well.

Pros and Cons of Advance America in Placerville, CA

On the one hand, the popularity of such a service increases steadily, while on the other hand, companies that offer payday loans grow like mushrooms. The competition is exceptionally high, and there appears a question which lender is the best one?

Advance America in Placerville has the following advantages, according to applicants’ reviews:

  • Due to the widest network of lenders, you may get a loan in any state, getting the most beneficial conditions.
  • No matter what is your credit score, payday loans are available for every person who corresponds with the given conditions. Furthermore, applicants may get other types of loans if they need other conditions.
  • Such a lender is licensed; therefore, Advance America cash advance in Placerville, CA is entirely legitimate – this fact protects the rights of applicants.
  • The process of getting a loan is quick and easy. You may visit the office during hours of operation (the address is given on the website).
  • Advance America payday loan rates are transparent and beneficial for applicants – no hidden fees exist.

While talking about the disadvantages of a company, borrowers point out the following factors:

  • Sometimes it’s hard to get an answer from managers due to the constant load of the line.
  • Applicants may get funds on their credit card or in cash; no other methods are suggested./

Final Verdict

When you need money, diverse options are available. For instance, borrow some money from friends and relatives; meanwhile, such a way is quite embarrassing, according to many opinions. Payday loans are true salvation that enables borrowers to cover emergency expenses. This said the popularity of service is constantly on the rise.

Well, the service has multiple pros for a borrower; meanwhile, another question arises – which company to select. Advance America in Placerville is a company with a license and a wide range of lending options (broad network of companies, various services). More and more borrowers choose this company to solve all their financial problems. Find a lender near me and receive the most beneficial conditions.

Dive into the requirements, collect the necessary documentation, fill in the application form, and get the required sum. Advance America locations in Placerville, CA, and other cities are quite numerous, but all the questions are possible to be asked by phone.

  • Advance America store locations in Placerville, California
    Address: 3964 G, Missouri Flat Rd, Placerville, CA 95667, United States
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