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Alabama payday loans is the antidote to all your urgent and unplanned financial requirements. Problems do not come knocking at your door after checking with your convenient time or pocket. It is rather unfortunate that most of them arrive at a time you are struggling with your finances. And unfortunately, that is a common trend which is why the month-end is itself used as a reason. The same reason why payday loans are so popular. Month-end is the time when most people find it difficult to survive unless they are excellent at planning finances. However, even then, you can be short of cash. The point is to look for a solution such as always money mobile AL. It can come in handy in difficult times to solve the issue with ease and speed.


Payday loans in Alabama are precisely the solution that you need in such situations. It is the definition of convenience, a characteristic so not relatable with loans. While bank loans are dreadful, payday loans are the opposite; the process is made simple, fast, and kept online with assistance. Payday loans Alabama make receiving a small short-term credit amount to your bank easy, helping applicants solve their immediate financial issues with ease. Be it a sudden surge in bills, a concert of your favorite band, a birthday party, or sickness, month-end is no more a problem with online payday loans in Alabama available at your disposal.

Usage Of Payday Loans In Alabama

While loans are pretty helpful in nature, some people dread them thinking of them as an added load. Especially because of the kind of process one has to follow for approval, but that is not the case with payday loans. The benefits of payday loans gives you a summary of all the points that makes them so preferred by all the working people in Alabama.

  • Easy Approval
  • Unlike banks, payday loans are extremely easy to get. It may ring your ears with doubts making you think that things too easy to get can’t be good, but the very idea behind Payday loans Alabama is to short-term cash in advance. Because the amount is pretty small compared to the bank loans you take, it is much easier to get. Also, the number of days you get the payday loans credit is short, at max a month. The lenders take hardly a few days, mostly a few hours to approve. All they need is proof of your salary to check your capability of paying back the payday loans on your next salary date with the interest they mention. That’s it, and you are good to go.

  • Pay Bills With Payday Loans
  • Considering the ease and speed of the process, payday loans are an amazing choice for paying utility bills. It is normal for people to get high bills unexpectedly in certain months. While there are other costs you may control, saving on utility bills can be difficult. Once they are raised, you have no other option than paying it if you want continued services.

  • Clear Debts To Avoid Penalty
  • Unlike banks, payday loans Alabama lenders do not see if you already have running loans elsewhere. Although it has other criteria, you can definitely use payday loans to clear off other debts to avoid getting a penalty to your load of expenses.

  • No Dependence On Family Or Friends With Payday Loans
  • Asking for money from your family and friends may be easy, but it comes with a series of questions and judgements. But thankfully, you do not need to explain your reasons to a lender of payday loans in Alabama. It’s not one of their requirements, and thus it can be a great alternative to protect your privacy from interfering heads.

  • Pay Credit Card Bills
  • Credit card bills can be quite a shocker sometimes. While they serve to be your best friends during your time of need, unfortunately, your card cannot be used to pay its own bill. Payday loans Alabama come in handy in such a situation. Payday loans in Alabama can help you cover the credit card bill for the time being and get your friend back without whom your life could otherwise get unsecure.

Choose a Payday Loan Amount
Choose a Payday Loan Amount
Choose a Payday Loan Amount

The Alabama Payday Loan Laws

The state of Alabama allows payday loans, unlike many states in the US. It calls for a celebration because the legal acceptance from the government gives the borrowers an added assurance and protection. Follow the points below to get a summary of what the Alabama payday loans laws has to say:

  • The payday loans laws set a cap on the maximum amount one can borrow.
  • The government has also restricted the number of days for which a person can have payday loans.
  • The lenders are bound with a maximum interest they can take on payday loans.
  • The capping by the government on payday loans results in uniformity in the sector and saves the applicants from getting cheated in the hours of need.

The details of the capping can be found under the section regulations on payday loans.

How To Get Online Payday Loans Alabama?

Online loans AL are extremely easy and start with finding a lender in your state online. After visiting their website, you need to do the following

  • Go through the terms and conditions of the payday loans lender, including all their charges.
  • Online form fillup for payday loans Alabama
  • Upload documents
  • Wait for the approval of the payday loans in less than three days.
  • Receive the payday loans credit to your bank account within a few hours.
  • Ensure sufficient funds in your account on the payday for a smooth payback of your payday loans.
  • Apply for your next payday loan if required after a gap of a minimum of one day.

The payday loans process is simple and swift, ensuring to be helpful at the time of need.

Payday Loans In Alabama: Main Requirements

Although payday loans are known for its ease of accessibility, it still has a few basic requirements from the applicants.

  • Age -The payday loans laws require the applicant to be at least of the legal age to be eligible for a cash advance. The legal age in the US is 18, and there is no upper limit on the age requirements.
  • Residency- The applicant must be a citizen of Alabama to be able to apply for online payday AL.
  • Active bank account – One of the basic requirements for any loan is having an account because the online payday loans amount gets credited to an active account of the borrower.
  • Full-time employment – To be eligible for payday loans in Alabama, one must have a payday. It means one has to be fully employed with a fixed salary day.
  • Personal Contact- Payday loan AL lenders, besides needing the proofs of the requirements mentioned above, also require the applicant’s contact details.

Payday Loans Alternatives For Cash Advance In Alabama

If you are one of those looking to avoid payday loans, then you need not worry because there are quite a several alternatives in your hand. For example-

  • Borrow from a known person instead of taking payday loans in Alabama
  • You can ask for cash from your friends or family, but getting turned down can be hurtful.

  • Hunt down your house for all the hidden cash
  • It can be an alternate solution for payday loans for people with the habit of hiding money in their closet or bookshelf to save or forget after keeping their money somewhere.

  • Sell gold or a property that has resale value
  • Gold, silver, furniture, tablet, phone, or anything at your house can be sold on websites to get a few dollars in times of need. However, beware of these payday loans. Alternative results in a loss because you rarely get the right value at the time of emergency.

  • Use a credit card
  • If you have a credit card, then there is officially no requirement for you to apply for payday loans in Alabama, of course, unless it is the credit card bill in concern.

  • Apply for a personal loan at a bank
  • Payday loans cover small finances for a short time. It is the shortest term loan possible. And thus, while it may come with many benefits, payday loans may not be a solution for bigger requirements. Personal loans from banks can be a solution in such cases. Unfortunately, approval may take a lot more time than any payday loan you apply for.

While all of them have their set of advantages and disadvantages, if you compare them with payday loans, you will find it to be a much less complicated alternative than any of the options above. The payday loans AL are designed in a way to give you the feel of taking advance cash from your salary. It makes them so convenient for the working people.

Payday Loan Regulations In Alabama

Payday loan regulations in Alabama clarify the limits for both the consumers and the lenders laid out by the government. It is important for everyone looking out for payday loans to know the regulations to check whether the lender they are approaching is even legal or a cheat. Here are the points that you need to know:

  • Payday Loans Amount – While there is no minimum limit on payday loans, the maximum cap set on them by the government is $500.
  • Payday Loans Term- It has been established before that payday loans are a form of short-term loans AL, but there is still some difference. The government has set a limit on the minimum and the maximum number of days to borrow the cash advance AL for. While the minimum number of days is 10, the maximum is 31.
  • Payday Loans Interest- Besides the loan amount and term, there is also a limit on the interest set. The Annual Percentage Rate or the APR on the payday loans is set to be 456%.
  • Payday Loans Finance Charges – The Alabama law prohibits the lenders from taking finance charges any more than 17.50% on every $100 credited.
  • Payday Loans Penalty – In case of inability to pay back the loan amount on time, the defaulter is charged $30 as an NSF fee. The state of Alabama prohibits lenders from placing criminal charges on the borrowers.

Poor Credit Payday Loans In Alabama

One of the biggest highlights of payday loans is that it does not care about the applicant or borrower’s credit score. It is a major advantage to people with low credit scores because banks do not sanction long or short-term loans AL to people with poor credit scores. So while it has requirements, they are very easy to meet.

However, it is still recommended that consumers pay attention to all the details and charges laid down by the lenders before taking payday loans and avoid being a defaulter. Although payday loan lenders in Alabama do not care about the credit score, they do not sanction loans to a person who has gone bankrupt.

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